ENEON (Association of Women for Yourth and Family)

The EN.E.O.N. is a Women’s Organization that covers the whole range of sciences, professions and other occupations. It is a non-governmental organization and is closely associated with friendship and common effort for the better, through the principles stemming from the European Idea and our European Citizenship. It is a core of love, friendship, humanity, a different way of life with warmth in human relationships and an interest in the problems of our fellow human beings, a lasting struggle for the building of a better Greece, a Greek that ethos, self-respect, dignity, righteousness, virtue, freedom of man, and humanity will re-see their shape.

The most important achievement of the Organization is that its revenue is available for the following purposes within Greece:

  • Researching, finding, recording and resolving all kinds of problems faced in economic, psychological and intellectual terms by Greek women as women, spouses and mothers in today’s reality.
  • The development of links and the cultivation of a spirit of solidarity among members of ENEON, as well as with members of other, national or foreign associations with similar or similar purposes.
  • The contribution to the intellectual, cultural and social development of the members of the Association in collaboration with social and scientific bodies and distinguished personalities of the political, artistic and social sphere.
  • Ensuring equality between the two sexes with the simultaneous privileged position of the mother-mother through:
    – Protection of maternity, children and marriage and family.
    – Cultivation of the principle of equal and proportional participation of both spouses in bringing up children and supporting the family.
    – Promoting the spirit of mutual understanding, diligence and solidarity among family members.
  • The preservation and promotion of the good characteristics of the Greek race, and in particular:
    – Of the Greek language.
    – Greek customs, customs and folklore traditions and institutions.
    – Orthodox Christian faith.
    – The principle that the family is the social foundation for the preservation and promotion of the Greeks and the Greek Nation.
  • Tackling the demographic problem and supporting the large mother.
  • Protecting and supporting people with disabilities and actively participating in their acceptance by the community.
  • Active participation in the protection of youth through the elevation of the educational level and support for its teenage, professional and educational problems with the aim of combating violence, drugs, crime, infectious diseases and cultivating the values ​​of human dignity, self-esteem, justice and virtue.