Today in the morning, a person named Omar Sadiki Metin, American citizen of Afghan origin, attacked a gay night club in Orlando city, Florida. Fifty persons were killed and more than sixty injured. The FBI investigator reported that this person is believed to be extreme Muslim and that hours ago […]

Orlando attack

1. This day should be a day of celebration for Bashar al-Assad. Logically he is the only one who celebrates the bombings, as by habit he is always shouting ‘Either me, or the terrorists.’ Let us not forget the fact that the Mufti of Syria threatened in 2011 with bomb […]

Bombings in Paris

Recent information reported that 200 fighters of Hezbollah – which supports Assad regime – came to Europe. There is also a video in which the religious leader of the Syrian Republic says that if any countries hit Syria and Lebanon the citizens of these countries will become suicide bombers for […]

Hezbollah fighters in Europe

13.11.2015, 23: 56  Three explosions around the stadium and five shootings in Paris just now. The French air crafts hit three oil production sites that controls the ISIS in Syria three days ago. Who controls the oil in the areas of ISIS? It seems that Paris is swimming against the […]

Bataclan attacks timeline