Orlando attack

Today in the morning, a person named Omar Sadiki Metin, American citizen of Afghan origin, attacked a gay night club in Orlando city, Florida. Fifty persons were killed and more than sixty injured. The FBI investigator reported that this person is believed to be extreme Muslim and that hours ago some people who are related to ISIS started to give some information that ISIS is behind it.
This makes us recall the new old Al Qaeda strategy “The Lone Wolves”. This strategy was used by Qaeda in beginning 2015, when the attack in Paris happened. The father of this strategy was Anouar Al Awlaki, who was killed by an American drone mid 2011 in Yemen.
The strategy works as follows: they contact people in the West through social media (Facebook, Twitter) and they start “feeding” them with their ideology. When someone highly responds, they give him more information how he can make attacks, bombs, type of weapons and how he can use them.
The important in this strategy is that is too much hard to stop it, or know who will try it. The only way is to put every Muslim in the western society under the microscope, therefore the securities of all countries would treat them all as potential bombs.
USA is leading the last days towards the presidential elections. The latest results show that the Democratic candidate will be Hillary Clinton and the Republican will be Donald Trump. Trump’s programme has a clear islamophobic character and the results show that the majority of Republican voters endorse it.
I believe it is indisputable, that the candidate who gains from this attack is Donald Trump. The American voters will see that they have only two choices:
1. Either choose the party that faces terror by peace (Democrats),
2. Or choose the party who will face terror by war. They will think there is no third choice, which is totally wrong. Why?
Al Qaeda was created in 1989 when the Republican George Bush the father, was president of the United States. Moreover, the 9/11 attack happened during the presidency of the Republican George W. Bush. This was time that Qaeda was strongly established in Iraq to become the core of ISIS today.
The biggest losers after this attack will definitely be the Muslims living in Western countries. The future doesn’t look promising for European people as well with Donald Trump on our head.
Congratulations Mr. Trump.