Attack in Nice: The “Wolves” hit again the West – July 15, 2016

On the Bastille Day in Nice, as well as across the whole country, the French tend to celebrate until the morning, but unfortunately this year the celebrations were short and even turned into grief.

Around midnight yesterday and during the gathering of large number of French celebrating, a truck suddenly appeared speeding toward the crowds, falling on them. According to the incident survivors’ testimonies, the driver was trying to hit as many people as he possibly could. Had the French police not killed him, the death toll would have been higher. Based on initial estimates, deaths amounted to more than 75 and injured over 100 people, some in critical condition.

Who is behind the attack

Some French media claimed that this may be an individual act and that the driver may be mentally ill, which in my opinion is very unlikely. Furthermore, suspicious early return to Paris of President Hollande after being informed of the incident, and emergency meeting with the French National Security Service confirmed that the event was organized and designed by a terrorist hand.

The two potential enemies of the French are  Al-Qaeda and ISIS. A week ago, Hamza bin Laden, son of the former Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, released a recorded message in which he vows to avenge the West for the murder of his father. On the same day, even a voicemail saw came to light, that of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al-Qaeda, which confirms that the organization is preparing for attacks in Europe and America.

Al-Qaeda’s hostility to France is due primarily to its participation in the war in Afghanistan, but mainly in large offensive launched by France to members of Al-Qaeda’s in Mali. The attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo, in early 2015, is the best proof for the existence of France on the top the list of Al-Qaeda’s objectives. But if we compare the attack on Charlie Hebdo to that of Nice, we see that Al-Qaeda’s the methods and style do not exist in Nice. The attack on Charlie Hebdo was meant to send a message, while in Nice aimed to kill. Nothing more. This underpins my argument that ISIS is the most likely mastermind of last night’s attack.

On the 13th of this month, Amaq agency which belongs to ISIS, announced a month ago that the military leader of the organization Omar the Chechen was kill by aerial strike of the Western powers. Some of the people belonging to ISIS, leaked in social media information that perhaps France could be behind this assassination.

It’s the attack of Nice, ISIS revenge ?

After Paris attack in November last year, François Hollande vowed to eliminate ISIS. However, after nearly eight months of this statement, ISIS is still pounding targets, controls 40% of Syria and 25% of Iraq and organizes attacks in America, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.

As I stressed in my previous article titled The attack in Orlando and the “Lone Wolves”, that there will be new attacks in Europe and America, I repeat my remark that they will suffer more in the future from terrorism, unless …

The big question is: Will the West eventually want to really eliminate the ISIS?