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Huffington Post Greece – Nov. 30, 2019 Europe is experiencing a difficult transition period internally and externally, which can foreshadow many evils. The far right is clearly on the rise and has already begun to influence the political scene in some European countries, such as Denmark and Austria, and is […]

Failures of EU foreign policy and its impact on the ...

Armyvoice.gr – Nov. 27  , 2019 In the biggest Israeli air strike inside Syria this year, the Israeli air force targeted, according to my information, several facilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Quds Force) as well as Assad regime positions in the wider Damascus province and the countryside of Damascus […]

The new wave of Israeli attacks in southern Syria explained

LastPoint.gr – Sept. 10, 2019 The Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1 – formerly Grace 1 – which so shook the Greek government, is approaching the Syrian coast these days. I recall that on June 4 the Gibraltar authorities held the Iranian tanker for about 45 days, when it was allowed to […]

The Iranian tanker and the route to Kalamata

LastPoint.gr – Sept. 06, 2019 Last Saturday, about 15 boats carrying more than 500 refugees from the Turkish coast, mainly Syrians, arrived in Lesvos suddenly and unexpectedly. This event met with the immediate reaction of the Greek government, first of all to the Turkish ambassador to Athens, condemning it and […]

The battle of Idlib on the Greek coast

Huffington Post Greece – 19.08.2019 Turkey has been escalating in recent weeks in the Eastern Mediterranean with the deployment of three gas exploration vessels in Western, Eastern and Southern Cyprus . This is a clear and explicit provocative step by which the Turkish administration shows that it is ignoring international […]

Turkey’s expansionism into the Eastern Mediterranean

Huffington Post Greece – June 21, 2019 In a high-profile statement, Turkish President Erdoğan, referring to hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, stressed that Turkey has already begun exploration and, if necessary, will bring its ships and aircraft to protect their interests Turkish Cypriots in the region. This statement came […]

Erdoğan steps up and Athens awaits