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Al-Quds Al-Arabi – July 09, 2020, issue 9959, p. 21 With the announcement of the appointment of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi as head of the new Iraqi government, various scenarios began to be adopted and dreams were drawn beyond any reality or even knowledge of the past and present of this tired […]

The moving sand between the two rivers

Lastpoint.gr – Feb. 01, 2020 The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a few days ago the appointment of Ms. Tasia Athanassiou as a special envoy for Syria. Ms. Athanassiou held the position of Ambassador of Greece to the Syrian capital Damascus until 2012, when the Samaras government decided to […]

Athens: The back door for the butcher of Damascus

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – Mar. 18, 2020, issue 9847, p. 21 In a dark night for the Turkish people and Turkish government with the arrival of the wounded and dead of the Turkish army as a result of their direct targeting by Assad militias in the countryside of Idlib, initial reports […]

On both banks of the Evros River, the interests of ...

Huffington Post Greece – Feb. 08, 2020 On the edge of the abyss. So I can better describe the movements of regional and international players in the files of the Middle East. This has been the case for the last forty years. From one war to another, from one crisis to another, from […]

The Greek Patriot on the shores of Hormuz