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LastPoint.gr – May 18, 2017 The last two years we observe an oscillating state in the relations of the Turkish government with Moscow and Washington, since they change from benevolent quickly break and from broken they change into excellent and strategic. The relationship between Ankara and Moscow, which was good […]

Ankara’s regressions between Washington and Moscow

Huffington Post Greece – May 13, 2017 Last Wednesday’s meeting in Astana differs from the previous one. The international atmosphere has changed dramatically since US bombing on Shayrat military airport of the Assad regime. The previous US government left the Syrian territory at the mercy of Russia, which found the […]

Meeting of Astana: The Russian proposal to resolve the Syrian ...

Paraskinio – issue 576 p. 45, Apr. 28, 2017 A few days ago, the magnitude of the scandal of the secret details of the nuclear agreement between the previous US and Iranian government was revealed. The six Iranians who were released by the Obama administration as a conditional agreement were […]

What is behind the agreement with Iran?

Huffington Post Greece – Apr. 26, 2017 The French presidential elections of April 23 took place under the shadow of the far-reaching rise of the extreme right in various countries of the European Union and the exit of Britain from it. However, the open and democratic nature of French citizens has […]

What is behind the attack on the Champs Elysées?

Originally published in the Greek newspaper “Paraskinio” issue 575, p. 54 on Apr. 22, 2017 On the evening of April 16, 2017, democracy in Turkey was assassinated through democracy. Despite the marginal victory, despite the negative expectations that preceded the referendum, and suggested that Erdogan and his government lacked sufficient […]

Turkish referendum: The end of the Ataturk era

Originally published in the Greek newspaper “Paraskinio” issue 574, p. 54 on Apr. 14, 2017 It is well known that after the military intervention in Syria in the autumn of 2015, the Russians developed troops in many military units of the regime, according to data published by the Russian Ministry […]

Chemical attack in Syria: the background and the real causes