The chemical attack on Dοuma

Paraskinio – issue 627 p. 39, Apr. 21, 2018

The whole world was shocked by videos and images from the Syrian city of Dοuma, a city just 3 km from the capital of Damascus. Scenes with dead children drowned and with white foam blocking the nose and mouth, no man with little trace of consciousness and humanity can face them without tearing and condemning such a crime. This chemical attack is not the first. Many others preceded it, but its peculiarity lies at the time it took place in the type of government that manages the White House. The Syrian dictator refused that he committed this attack. The same was done by his partner and his defense counselor at international level, Russia. That is why the Russian communicative and political machine began a war against the chemical attack through a series of contradictory scenarios. But the truth has one face.

On the evening of April 7, news from activists and media people began to arrive from Dοuma that it was attacked by chemical weapons. In communication with an activist, I was informed of the high number of victims and the likelihood that this time a neuroparalytic gas, not a chlorine, would be used. The shelters in which the inhabitants of Dοuma lived for almost three years to escape the frenzied bombings of the Assad regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, became their tomb. The chemical weapons, after falling into the ground, are converted into a gas, which is heavier than the air, so it goes down. This fact led to a delay in the detection of slaughter for hours and the delayed transport of victims to hospitals, resulting in a large number of them. The final report confirms that more than 50 civilians were killed in the attack, mostly children, while nearly 500 were injured.

My well-informed source confirmed to me that on the evening of April 7, three military helicopters of the regime took off from the Al-Dameer military airport near the Syrian capital of Damascus and headed directly to Douma. One of them threw two chemical bombs. Subsequently, the two supportive helicopters threw bombs around the area where the chemicals fell, as well as the medical centers near the site of the attack, in an effort to eradicate the truth. A Syrian doctor assured me that, as shown in the photos and videos of the assault, it is clear that the weapon used is sarin, which is likely to be mixed with chlorine to cover up the crime and limit reactions.

From the following morning, scenarios from Russia and the Assad regime began. The initial placement of Russian officials that everything was acting, there was no victim, and that people were killed as a result of airborne conventional weapons bombing. They tried to cover one crime with another. The second scenario was that the “terrorists” of Douma used chemical weapons on their own family members to give an excuse for the West to intervene in the Syrian crisis, knowing that France, the United States and Britain already have bases, troops and airports on Syrian territory for years. The third scenario was that a western country, meaning Britain, used secret agents in Douma to organize the chemical attack, knowing that the city is under siege for three years and no one can get in or out. How can a British agent get in Douma with chemical weapons that need highly sophisticated laboratories in order to be activated? Assad and his allies invent every day a new scenario that contradicts the previous one. But the truth is clear.

Assad has tons of chemical weapons and has used it over a hundred times over the past seven years, in at least three of which neuroparalytic gas. The internationally forbidden gas exists only in a small number of countries in the world and it needs special scientists, laboratories and conditions that are impossible for Douma fighters – who do not have food – to have the equipment to activate it. It is also impossible to use it on their children and their wives. But the alliance of crime continues to lie until it believes its own lies.