The Burial of Education

Originally published in Greek language in on May 05, 2013

40 years ago, in 1975, the first Constitution of the restored Greek democracy was adopted. According to this constitution, the years of compulsory schooling are limited in 9 of 12,  the existence of student associations (factions) as defined as participation by law and – for the first time in Greek modern history – the establishment of private higher education  is prohibited, something that neither the Constitution of the dictatorial government did not impose.

In my view,  for the first time in our history, the tombstone of Greek Education was built. Shortly afterwards, in 1982, the “asylum” is institutionalized . The tomb was closed. The “communistication” in all sectors of the education system became visible in the coming years. The concept of culture was removed from the education and educational institutions, especially public, became incubators of mindless and illiterate young people who did not even know how to spell their name correctly.

Three years ago there was an attempt to correct them all. A law was passed with broad parliamentary acceptance and there was an effort to implement it. I say attempt, because law enforcement in this country is mission impossible.

And we got to today. 2015, forty years later, the full “communistication” of Greek Education, an education that was the foundation of the formation of the western culture and part of the east, is a visible reality. We do not turn 40 years back. We turn back 4000 years.

In no country of the earth, even in the former communist, there is politicization in schools and universities. Universities, private or state, govern themselves and the students do not participate in any decision.  We are studying at the University to gain expertise and not to make a future political career. When we will realize that in Greece?

When will we reintegrate the concept of culture in education? When schools will educate and  not only train? Never again?

Without proper education and culture, a country is doomed to be extinguished. If Greece goes out, it will go out and its – unfortunately only – glorious past. So the “sprayed” will not be able to rely on it and consider an honor that they originate from the ancient Greeks. That is something.

Because the future of a country and a nation, is not only determined by the past, but on how it is utilized herein. In Greece, from 1974 and onwards, we failed miserably in this area.