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Paraskinio – issue 627 p. 39, Apr. 21, 2018 The whole world was shocked by videos and images from the Syrian city of Dοuma, a city just 3 km from the capital of Damascus. Scenes with dead children drowned and with white foam blocking the nose and mouth, no man […]

The chemical attack on Dοuma

LastPoint.gr – Apr. 15, 2018 Bashar al-Assad took over power in Syria after his father’s death, when the constitution was modified so he could become president as he did not meet the age limit. Assad tried to improve the international image of the Syrian regime with superficial changes, such as […]

What we must know about the Syrian revolution

Huffington Post Greece – Apr. 10, 2018 Since the beginning of this year the eastern part of Syria has been transformed into a quiet zone in terms of military moves. Moscow and Washington reached an important initial agreement that was raveled in the Philippines by the Foreign Ministers of the […]

What is hidden in the Syrian East?

Annahar Premium – Apr. 06, 2018 Mr. George Issa, distinguished journalist in the Lebanese newspaper “Annahar” asked my opinion on the recent meeting between the leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran and the developments in Syria. G.I.: May I ask your opinion for Annahar about the probable agreement that the […]

Commentary in Annahar on Turkey, Russia & Iran summit about ...

Paraskinio – issue 625 p. 47, Apr. 06, 2018 Following the great support provided by the US forces within the International Coalition against ISIS to the Kurdish militias, they managed to control the city of Manbij in early 2016 and expel ISIS. Washington then came to an agreement with Ankara […]

The control of Manbij leads to a new international conflict

Paraskinio – issue 624 p. 47, Mar. 31, 2018 Turkey’s internal and foreign policy is a hallmark of crisis and local risks management, as well as regional and international pressures. The current Turkish administration has managed to overcome many obstacles and to become strong and stable internationally and internally, despite […]

The new page in Euro-Turkish relations

Paraskinio – issue 623, p. 39, Mar. 23, 2018 It has already been seven years since the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution, the revolution that remains the biggest tragedy of the century so far, during which Syria has been transformed from the country where the first civilizations were born into […]

Seven years since the Syrian Revolution began

Paraskinio – issue 622 p. 39, Mar. 17, 2018 Nearly two months after the start of the Turkish operation backed by Syrian opposition forces against the Kurdish militias in Afrin in northwest Syria, the extent of the progress of Ankara’s allies against them was made clear according to the map […]

The last hours before the fall of Afrin