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LastPoint.gr – Sept. 06, 2019 Last Saturday, about 15 boats carrying more than 500 refugees from the Turkish coast, mainly Syrians, arrived in Lesvos suddenly and unexpectedly. This event met with the immediate reaction of the Greek government, first of all to the Turkish ambassador to Athens, condemning it and […]

The battle of Idlib on the Greek coast

Huffington Post Greece – 19.08.2019 Turkey has been escalating in recent weeks in the Eastern Mediterranean with the deployment of three gas exploration vessels in Western, Eastern and Southern Cyprus . This is a clear and explicit provocative step by which the Turkish administration shows that it is ignoring international […]

Turkey’s expansionism into the Eastern Mediterranean

Huffington Post Greece – June 21, 2019 In a high-profile statement, Turkish President Erdoğan, referring to hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, stressed that Turkey has already begun exploration and, if necessary, will bring its ships and aircraft to protect their interests Turkish Cypriots in the region. This statement came […]

Erdoğan steps up and Athens awaits

Huffington Post Greece – May 16, 2019 With the announcement by Turkey of the launch of gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean and the American and European objections to this move, the Cyprus issue has come to the fore. Despite international warnings, Ankara continues to insist on its rights to […]

Turkey’s long hand in the Eastern Mediterranean

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – May 15, 2019, issue 9545, p. 21 The current Iranian regime depends on a central leadership led by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the religious leader who has the first and last say in any political, military or economic decision taken by the regime. Khamenei is surrounded by […]

Options for peace and war in the Arabian Gulf

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – Apr. 27, 2019, issue 9527, p. 22 Approaching the end of the first year since the abolition from Washington of the nuclear agreement with the Iranian government, we can say that it did not have the impact that most observers expected, nor was it proportional to the […]

One year after the end of the nuclear agreement, the ...