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Originally published in the Greek weekly newspaper “Paraskinio”, issue 620, p. 47, on Mar. 3 Eastern Ghouta, an area no more than 100 square kilometers east of the Syrian capital of Damascus with 400.000 inhabitants, has been under siege in the past three years. Bombs-barrels and phosphorus along with other […]

The cycle of death in Eastern Ghouta and the hypocrisy ...

Originally published in the Greek weekly newspaper “Paraskinio”, issue 619, p. 39, on Feb. 24 US Defense Secretary James Mattis, during a speech in Congress on February 8, stressed that the situation in Afghanistan is heading for the better, and that the US forces recently sent will work to eliminate […]

The Afghan black hole

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – Feb. 23, 2018, issue 9104, p. 21 Many of the political experts keep on relating history to the present by establishing historical antagonism and friendship as a basis for international policy-making. But the first and most important rule to be set in the analysis of any international […]

Turkey between rhetoric and reality

Originally published in Huffington Post Greece on Feb. 20, 2018 Entering the fourth week of the Turkish operation “Olive branch” in Afrin, northwest Syria, backed by Syrian armed forces, the Kurdish line of defense began to bend, despite the slow progress which the Turkish side attributes to the weather. The […]

The imaginary allies of the Kurdish militias of Syria

Originally published in the Greek weekly newspaper “Paraskinio”, issue 618, p. 39, on Feb. 16 After halting ISIS in eastern Syria, the region that separates the Kurdish militias supported by the US and Assad forces supported by Russia and the militias backed by Iran has been prolonged. The current map […]

Euphrates: the new conflict line between Washington and Moscow

Originally published in the Greek weekly newspaper “Paraskinio”, issue 617, p. 39, on Feb. 10 As the Turkish presidential elections are approaching, it is important to monitor the evolution of internal, regional and international developments that affect Turkey. It seems that this time the election will not be a walk […]

The battle for the upcoming Turkish elections will not be ...

Originally published in the Greek weekly newspaper “Paraskinio”, issue 616, p. 39, on Feb. 03 Ten years after the Greek veto over FYROM’s accession to NATO, the file for the name of the neighboring country reopened. There are many theories about the reasons but also about the countries behind the […]

The “red line” of history

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – Feb. 1, 2018, issue 9028, p. 21 It is important for us as researchers in political affairs to re-read the American scene, especially its strategy. This strategy has always been prepared by the State Department, the Department of Defense and the CIA to reach the White House […]

The change of US strategy in the Middle East