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Armyvoice.gr – Apr. 20, 2019 The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) supported by the International Coalition for Combating Terrorism recently announced full control over the areas controlled by the Islamic State in eastern Syria, with the end of the Baghuz battle, which lasted more than three months. Following this victory, Washington […]

Islamic State: The end of an era or the beginning ...

Huffington Post Greece – Apr. 8, 2019 The pro-Israeli ideology of Donald Trump after taking over the leadership of the White House was evident in his movements in the Middle East. The announcement of the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and its recognition as the […]

Trump’s generosity to Netanyahu and the Israeli elections

Huffington Post Greece – Apr. 5, 2019 After a difficult election day, the preliminary results of the Turkish municipal elections began to confirm what was expected from recent polls, that the Justice and Development Party is no longer the choice of Turkish voters. Despite this picture, the loss of Istanbul […]

Pragmatism or risk? Erdoğan’s choices after local elections

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – Mar. 28, 2019, issue 9497, p. 21 Turkish municipal elections at the end of this month may mark a new shift that will affect the country’s political future. With this expectation, Ankara lives days of tension awaiting the results of the negotiations with Washington that will determine […]

Turkey between the ally and the partner

Huffington Post Greece – Mar. 20, 2019 With the launch of underwater exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel was one of the first countries to discover a number of rich natural gas fields. Gradually, other countries overlooking the Mediterranean began to intensify similar research. Thus, the region caught the eyes […]

Eastmed: Dream or Reality?

Huffington Post Greece – Feb. 27, 2019 In recent years, the European Union has become a minefield where problems continue to grow from the absence of effective leadership that will end the anomalies and restore the shaky balance of this important alliance for the states of the Old Continent. Brexit […]

The secret conflict between Rome and Paris

Huffington Post Greece – Feb. 06, 2019 Eighteen years after the start of the Washington  and its NATO allies war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the language of logic has finally prevailed towards the next step. This war, where Washington used more than 100,000 soldiers backed by thousands of NATO […]

Afghanistan – Better late than never

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – Feb. 06, 2019, issue 9447, p. 21 The ancient Greek tragedy has always been full of treason and breach of trust among the Allies. Just as Athens and even whole Greece almost fell into the hands of the Persians because of the betrayal of Ephialtes to the […]

The stalemate of confidence may reshuffle the cards in the ...