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Sofokleousin.gr – June 29, 2016 On the night of Tuesday, June 28, six terrorists attacked Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Two of them were self-propelled and four fired indiscriminately with Kalashnikovs. Initial estimates, through the Turkish Justice Minister, spoke about 28 dead and more than 100 injured. The minister said they […]

Attack on Atatürk airport … Among secret meetings and international ...

Sofokleousin.gr – Jun. 24, 2016 Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia, arrived at the beginning of last week in the US on an official nine-day visit. He is accompanied by a large delegation, including Foreign Minister and a number of Saudi officials. His first meeting was […]

Visit of Saudi “Crown Prince” to USA. What next?

Sofokleousin.gr – June 17, 2017 In Tehran, on 9 June 2016, a meeting between Russian, Syrian and Iranian Defense Ministers took place. This meeting was characterized by the lack of convergence between the Russians and the Iranians about their strategic aspirations in Syria. After the end of the five-hour meeting, […]

Iran and Russia … Who will lead the Assad of ...

Sofokleousin.gr – June 15, 2016 The day before yesterday, a 29-year old named Omar Sadiki Metin, an American citizen of Afghan origin, attacked a city club where homosexuals frequented in Orlando, Florida, USA. Fifty persons were killed and about sixty wounded. FBI said the responsible of the attacks is believed […]

Orlando attack and the “Lone Wolves”

Originally published in Greek language in freewill.gr on May 05, 2013 40 years ago, in 1975, the first Constitution of the restored Greek democracy was adopted. According to this constitution, the years of compulsory schooling are limited in 9 of 12,  the existence of student associations (factions) as defined as […]

The Burial of Education

From 3rd to 6th November 2011, the 29th International Council Meeting of the European Union of Women (EUW) took place with great success and in a warm and supportive atmosphere for Greece on “Europe: Immigration and Human Rights”. The meeting was carried out at New Democracy party headquarters and involved […]

29th EUW International Council Meeting – Athens 3-6.11.2011

On May 19, 2011, the inauguration of the Maroussi-Kifissia Annex of the Union of Greek Women for the Family and Youth (ENEON) was successfully launched. The event was attended by the mayor of Maroussi Mr. George Patoulis and the MP of New Democracy Mrs Evgenia Tsoumani-Spentza. In her address, the […]

Establishment of the Maroussi-Kifissia annex of ENEON

Eva served as coordinator of a seven-member mission of the humanitarian organization “Médecins du Monde-Greece” in Pristine – Kosovo. Her presence there aimed in re-organizing the mission, solving problems and easing tensions that had been created in previous period. She coordinated the whole implementation of the program based in Pristine […]

Pristine, Kosovo 2002