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Sofokleousin.gr – Jul 18, 2016 At 23.00 on Friday, July 15, 2016, a part of the Turkish army organized a coup against the most controversial personality of Turkey, the man who managed to turn a weak country under the influence of foreign-controlled generals into a strong country militarily, economically and […]

Turkish coup … Secret aspects of the darkest night for ...

Sofokleousin.gr – July 15, 2016 On the Bastille Day in Nice, as well as across the whole country, the French tend to celebrate until the morning, but unfortunately this year the celebrations were short and even turned into grief. Around midnight yesterday and during the gathering of large number of […]

Attack in Nice: The “Wolves” hit again the West

 Sofokleousin.gr – Jul. 14, 2016  The Syrian crisis, in fact, is not a civil war or a revolution against a dictator. It is more of a regional and international conflict. Leaks to inability of the partners to monitor and manage the Syrian territories and the ongoing conflicts in the region […]

Strictly confidential … How the Syrian crisis will end

Sofokleousin.gr – June 11, 2016 While the US continues to live in a state of unstable security, after the Dallas events that killed more than five police officers, chaos was transferred to the states of Tennessee and Texas. The reaction of American media that did not cover these events in […]

The US and the strategy of “Creative Chaos”

Sofokleousin.gr – June 29, 2016 On the night of Tuesday, June 28, six terrorists attacked Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Two of them were self-propelled and four fired indiscriminately with Kalashnikovs. Initial estimates, through the Turkish Justice Minister, spoke about 28 dead and more than 100 injured. The minister said they […]

Attack on Atatürk airport … Among secret meetings and international ...

Sofokleousin.gr – Jun. 24, 2016 Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia, arrived at the beginning of last week in the US on an official nine-day visit. He is accompanied by a large delegation, including Foreign Minister and a number of Saudi officials. His first meeting was […]

Visit of Saudi “Crown Prince” to USA. What next?