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Originally published in the Greek newspaper “Paraskinio” issue 573, p. 59 on Apr. 8, 2017 The creation of ISIS With the launch of the 2003 US war against Iraq backed by a number of European countries, aimed at overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s regime, the situation on Iraqi soil began to escape […]

ISIS without mask – The truth about its creation and ...

Huffington Post Greece – Apr. 3, 2017 In the last few days we have seen a loss of land for the Assad regime in Syria for the benefit of the forces of the Syrian opposition. Does this signify the existence of international changes that will change the correlations in the […]

Syria: How the recent forces upheavals are interpreted

Paraskinio – issue 572, p. 52, Apr. 1, 2017 Last week, the fifth meeting of Geneva was held between representatives of the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime, in the presence of representatives of Russia and the United States. From the very first day it became clear that the atmosphere […]

Syria: Solution just before the ‘end’?

Paraskinio – issue 571, p. 13, Mar. 25, 2017 One of the most complex issues that every US government is concerned with is the Middle East. With the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House, the American leadership began to talk about a radical change in dealing with Middle […]

The US is revising its policy in the Middle East