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Ssofokleousin.gr – Sep. 5, 2016 The kick off of the operation “Euphrates Shield” was a surprise to many international parties. The process began at 4 a.m. of Wednesday, August 24, by moving troops belonging to the Syrian opposition armed forces numbering more than 3.000 soldiers to the Syrian city of […]

Operation “Euprhates Shield”: The true story

Sofokleousin.gr – Jul 18, 2016 At 23.00 on Friday, July 15, 2016, a part of the Turkish army organized a coup against the most controversial personality of Turkey, the man who managed to turn a weak country under the influence of foreign-controlled generals into a strong country militarily, economically and […]

Turkish coup … Secret aspects of the darkest night for ...

Sofokleousin.gr – July 15, 2016 On the Bastille Day in Nice, as well as across the whole country, the French tend to celebrate until the morning, but unfortunately this year the celebrations were short and even turned into grief. Around midnight yesterday and during the gathering of large number of […]

Attack in Nice: The “Wolves” hit again the West