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Huffington Post Greece – Aug. 08, 2018 American-Turkish relations have clearly deteriorated recently due to the imprisonment of the American pastor in Turkey. The problem began since Donald Trump took over the leadership of the White House and called upon the release of the pastor at his first meeting with […]

Where are American-Turkish relations going?

Al-Quds – Aug. 02, 2018, issue 9263 Beyond the standards of world powers, Israel is the composer of all sorts of conflicts and crises in the Middle East, the region that directly affects the world in terms of energy, stability and religion. The presence of Israel in the heart of […]

The summit in Helsinki and the reins in Tel Aviv

Huffington Post Greece – July 07, 2018 There is certainly a state of anticipation from Western officials about the outcome of the Helsinki summit between the US and the Russian president in the middle of the month. Issues that are expected to be discussed at this meeting will directly affect […]

Europe sees Helsinki meeting in fear

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – July 09, 2018 The second meeting of US President Trump with his Russian counterpart is expected in Helsinki, after that on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the summer of 2017, described as positive by both parties, during which the various crises mainly in Syria and Ukraine […]

The Helsinki summit puts the Syrian rebels at a crossroads

Al-Sharq – 05/07/2018, issue 10976 On 5 June last year,  with arbitrary actions of four states, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt, began Qatar’s blockade. The blockade started with a hacking operation and expanded to a clear violation of the human rights of citizens and foreign residents […]

Qatar has stood, will they survive?

Huffington Post Greece – June 29, 2018 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s victory in Turkey’s parliamentary and presidential elections was clear months before, despite all the figures projected by western media about the decline in popularity. We should, however, stick to the outcome of the parliamentary elections in which the ruling AKP […]

Turkey after Erdoğan’s election victory

Al-Sharq – June 17, 2018, issue 10958 After a relative lull in the war in Yemen, the sounds of the weapons returned again. The goal this time was Al-Hudaydah and specifically its harbor. Some may see it as a reasonable and anticipated move, but looking at the details of the […]

Marine lanes and oil are two main reasons for the ...

Al-Quds Al-Arabi – June 14, 2018, issue 9215, p. 21 It is important for us as researchers and political observers to understand where the Middle East is generally going and monitor the evolution of the conflict between Israel and Iran particularly in Syria. Despite the refusal of many observers that the […]

Between Israel and Iran … Assad in the bottleneck