Iran: The largest Satan with international support – 30/08/2017

An Israeli intelligence report was published recently, on the monitoring by an Israeli Defense Ministry satellite on a military establishment in the northwest of Syria. The facility is similar to Iran’s ballistic missile manufacturing facility near Tehran. As a Western source assured me, Israel had noticed the presence of Iranian forces and military experts in the countryside of the Syrian city of Banias almost a year ago. Completion of the facility is expected by the end of this year and will be an advanced Iranian base for the construction and development of ballistic missiles. And here comes the most important question: What about the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and the seven countries ?!

In the summer of 2015, 5 + 1 countries and the EU have signed an agreement ending the crisis of Iran’s nuclear program more than 15 years after its inception and many years of negotiations. Former US President Barack Obama regarded this agreement as the most important achievement of his eight-year term, highlighting his success in ending Iran’s nuclear threat. The deal provides for Iran to stop developing the program and to limit uranium enrichment to 3,67%. The agreement also provides for Iran to stop the development of the ballistic missile program. In return, the US releases frozen Iranian funds to American and European banks.

Over time, the Iranian funds released were estimated at nearly $ 150 billion. European countries began to open their doors to Iranian agreements one after the other. Iran has also increased oil and gas supplies to the West and said it is open to any Western company that wants to invest in Iranian territory. However, Iran’s basic agreement on nuclear and ballistic programs has not yet been implemented.

Many well-informed Israeli sources confirm that Iran continues to secretly enrich uranium, contrary to official assurances. On the other hand, Iran continues to announce every month the construction of new ballistic missiles  more sophisticated than before signing the agreement. The Iranian Defense Ministry has announced that it has allocated nearly $ 600 million to develop Iranian ballistic missiles. Iran, which has promised during the negotiations to reduce its intervention in the region, has not kept its word for a day. On the other hand, it has increased its spread in the Middle East for the last two years, an act in which I will try to shed more light.

In Syria, which suffers for more than six years from the most unprecedented war of the 21st century, Iran is the main reason for its continuation through Assad’s unlimited support. My Syrian opposition source confirmed that the number of Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Iranian troops, which is ranked internationally in the lists of terrorist organizations, is over 15.000. Iran also supports the sending of tens of thousands of Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani Shiites to fight in Syria under the Assad flag. The Iranian press confirmed that material support provided by Iran to the Assad regime by the beginning of 2017 reached 100 billion dollars. In Iraq, Iran controls almost entirely the government and has created dozens of sectarian militias, with the main Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi which enjoys the support of the International Coalition to fight ISIS. In Yemen, Iran is behind Houthi militia, which it supports with weapons, money and ballistic missiles. Yet, Iran, through the militias controlled by the Hezbollah terrorist organization, is largely influencing the political decisions of the Lebanese authorities. The Kuwait government has announced for months that it has arrested a gang that was preparing to conduct terrorist attacks, and the investigations have shown that it is linked to the IRGC.

All of these Iranian military interventions in the Middle East are being conducted in the face of the eyes of the West and even with its hypocritical support. The recent visit of the representative of the European Union head scarf wearing Mogherini  in Iran during the presidential election was a clear message to the West that does not oppose the crimes and destruction in the region. It is a small part of the hypocrisy of Western countries and the international community in general in their international affairs.

It is wrong to believe that the nuclear agreement with Iran is a diplomatic success for Obama. The agreement, based on the principle of concessions on both sides, was the green light for Iran to sow the havoc in the region. The statements of  extreme radical Iranian politicians after the announcement of the Nuclear Agreement, which they believe is a victory for Iran’s policy as it is based on the secret proposal made by Tehran in 2003 to the West, rejected by the G.W. Bush  administration, make the picture clearer. The Shiite crescent that Khomeini dreamed of in the 1980s became a reality. The road from Tehran to Beirut became easy. The next step would be to extend Khamenei’s plan to complete the Shiite moon. The Gulf countries will be the next to be at risk.