The cycle of death in Eastern Ghouta and the hypocrisy of the West

Originally published in the Greek weekly newspaper “Paraskinio”, issue 620, p. 47, on Mar. 3

Eastern Ghouta, an area no more than 100 square kilometers east of the Syrian capital of Damascus with 400.000 inhabitants, has been under siege in the past three years. Bombs-barrels and phosphorus along with other chemicals fall into the heads of children, women, elders and men without interruption and without the slightest international reaction to this carnage. More than 1000 days without food, water and medicines in the 21st century. The United Nations and the Security Council are watching silently civilians being killed indiscriminately. Houses are bombarded  burying their owners under the rubble, children sleeping and dreaming a piece of caramel dying from chlorine gas. This is briefly the situation of the Syrian people in Eastern Ghouta.

With the inauguration of the Syrian Revolution in 2011, the Eastern Ghouta region was one of the first to take part in the demonstrations, against Assad and his regime. By turning the revolution into military as a result of the violence, madness and assassinations used by the Assad regime to stop the demonstrations, men of Eastern Ghouta took the arms to defend their region and their freedom. As a punishment for this resistance, Assad encircled the area by besieging it and forbidding any form of support to enter. In this operation, the Assad regime was supported by the Hezbollah terrorist militia, as well as by the militias of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Due to the proximity of this region to the Syrian capital of Damascus and the threat it posed to the dictator Assad, he often tried to bend the courage of the men who protected it. But these men did not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for their freedom and dignity, so until recently the battle ended with the victory of the people against the brutal campaign against Ghouta.

The UN Security Council met a few days ago, and despite Russian pressure, it adopted Resolution 2401, which provides for the interruption of interference across Syria and especially to Eastern Ghouta as soon as possible. The decision also highlights the need to open up humanitarian corridors for trapped citizens and urgently address their medical and nutritional needs. Nonetheless, in the days following this decision, it was confirmed that Russia, Iran and Assad are not respecting international agreements since air and ground bombardments have increased.

The first military effective movement from Washington and the West was to break the siege of 30.000 Yazidi from ISIS in Sinjar, northern Iraq. Today Assad is besieging more than 400.000 civilians only in eastern Ghouta. ISIS killed about 20.000 civilians in Iraq and Syria, while Assad killed at least 600.000 civilians. ISIS destroyed 5 churches in Syria, while Assad destroyed 36. ISIS used chemical weapons and chlorine gas twice, while Assad used sulfur gas four times and chlorine gas over a hundred times. ISIS captured about 5.000 civilians while Assad has captured hundreds of thousands of civilians. Only in Sednaya prison, which today has approximately 20.000 prisoners, has been executed over 13.000 in three years between 2013 and 2016. Yes, ISIS are terrorists, but Assad is a hundred times greater terrorist, which proves the size of western hypocrisy.

What is happening in Syria in general and especially in Eastern Ghouta is the imprint of disgrace on the front of humanity as a whole. It seems that humanity consists of only one race and all the rest are inferior and allowed to be exterminated! The whole world is today a participant in this crime. Russia is the direct perpetrator who kills with its airplanes and the protection it provides to Assad at an international level. The US is also perpetrator through silence and avoidance of its responsibility to protect civilians in Syria. Finally, the West is a participant in killings for not pressing its governments to act. As for the Muslims, I understand them, since the international community has condemned them in silence. Any move on their behalf will be characterised terrorist and at the same time will cause the creation of an international coalition to stop it. The death ring in eastern Ghouta is tightening, and the hypocrisy of the West unfolds.