The background of the CIA program to support the Syrian opposition

Huffington Post Greece – Aug. 8, 2017

In a previous article, I referred to the recent Washington Post report on the leaked information from the White House about the decision by US President Donald Trump to end the CIA program on support and training of the Syrian armed forces Opposition program, a program launched in 2013 under Obama’s rule. I recall that as a result of this program, two business centers were set up, one in Turkey (M.O.M.) and one in Jordan (M.O.C.), which are responsible for the supply of special weapons, explosives and some heavy weapons to the Syrian opposition. They also provide logistical support appropriate to its battles mainly against the ISIS organization and the Assad regime in the second place.

This leak has plagued many international observers of the Syrian crisis, while journalists and political analysts evaluated it as a personal move of the goodwill of the Trump to improve the atmosphere between him and Putin. Some have gone even further, calling it a prior agreement between the two sides before the US elections.

After much effort to communicate with CIA-related officials, I received from a Western diplomatic source that the MOC in Jordan, which is responsible for supporting the armed opposition in southern Syria, has withdrawn some heavy equipment from these groups And has re-evaluated the quantities of ammunition provided on a monthly basis. The source assured me that arms supply continues, as is the case with logistical support and exchange of information on movements of Iranian militias, Assad and ISIS forces. The source also highlighted the withdrawal of Assad’s armies last week of armored vehicles and troops from the city of Daraa to the capital Damascus. This is part of the agreement reached at the meeting held in Jordan’s Amman capital, between Russia, the US and Jordan.

On the other hand, a Syrian opposition official in the northern part of the country associated with the US-Turkish MOM, informed me that this operational center has suspended for nearly four months its military support for the Syrian opposition parties in the north, Providing financial and logistical support. But in recent days, the US has transferred a number of Syrian armed opposition factions from the CIA program to the Pentagon program. The same source assured me that Turkey has introduced heavy military equipment, including armored vehicles, to Syrian opposition groups belonging to the M.O.M. During the previous three days. We see, therefore, that the setting is far more complicated than what the Washington Post report describes, that the program was completely stopped. In practice, the program was revised on the basis of new political and military developments. Therefore, what is the need for this leakage?

The inaccurate leak of the CIA’s interruption suggests two important points: The first is that the US government is in a state of mistrust within its services, and that there are different parties moving uncoordinated with the White House, such as the CIA . This is due to the lack of confidence of these services to the US President personally. Thus, it is possible that Trump has given orders to stop the program, but there are circles linked to the Republican Party and pressured him to re-evaluate his decision. The second point concerns the political climate surrounding the Syrian crisis. Continuous meetings with the Russian side in the Jordanian Amman capital, along with the Cairo meetings, confirm that political issues have matured and that in the coming days there may be an announcement of a political plan cooked in the closed rooms of the White House and the Kremlin and may be the definitive solution to the Syrian crisis.