32nd EUW Council Meeting, Prague 22-25/6/2017

The Hellenic Section of the European Union of Women (EUW – Hellas) participated in the 32nd Council Meeting of the European Union of Women (EUW) in Prague, Czech Republic, with a large mission consisting of President Aphrodite Bleta, the two Vice Presidents Eva Koulouriotis and Evi Tatoulis and the members Olga Pavlidou, Tina Economou, Eleni Plavoukou, Alinda Papassinou-Bletta, Manto Begleri and Anna Mantas.

“Let’s give Europe a psyche,” said the German President of the EPPW at the General Assembly of the European Union of Women in which she was also invited. And she continued: “Everything that needs to be done must be done by all Europeans collectively, and in the globalized environment we live, this is our safety net, and we can succeed.”

In a very competitive environment from all European countries, the Hellenic section of the European Union of Women managed to support positively and elect all the Greek candidates, winning Presidencies and Vice Presidencies in all the committees and commissions we have nominated. Very important result in a very difficult juncture and with co-candidates from countries such as Germany, France, Austria etc. More specifically: Aphrodite Bleta 1st International Vice President, Tina Economou President of the Institutions Committee, Eva Koulouriotis Vice President of the Election Committee, Dora Palli Vice President of the International Policy Commission, Evi Tatouli Vice President of Sustainable Development Commission and Olga Pavlidou Vice President of the Human & Legal Rights Commission.